Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training, LLC.

Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training was established for the player who has decided to specialize in goalkeeping. The training curriculum is that of a national level, as the camp staff has extensive training, playing ability and experience. Unlike other camps and clinics, Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training also teaches players about the mental part of the game. We are dedicated to both the mental and physical advancement of each goalkeeper. Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training offers goalie camps, clinics and individual training.     

Quick Hands Goalkeeper Training accommodates all playing levels from beginner to advanced. 

Beginner Level:Designed for the player that has never received formal goalkeeper training and has an interest in becoming a goalkeeper.
(Approximate age: 7 & 8 years old)

Intermediate Level I:
Designed for the player that has received limited goalkeeper training.
(Approximate age 8 & 9 years old)

Intermediate Level II:
Designed for the player that has received some goalkeeper training by attending camps and clinics. (Approximate age: 10, 11, & 12 years old)

Intermediate Level III:
Designed for the player that has received extensive goalkeeper training and is on the verge of attending the advanced camp.  (Approximate age:
13 &14 years old).

Advanced Level:
Designed for advanced goalkeeper; those playing premier, high school and collegiate soccer. 
(Approximate age: 15 years old and up)

                                                  2011-OLMSTED FALLS SUMMER CAMP

or more information please contact us  440-610-0610 or email us at info@quickhandsgoalkeepertraining.com.   

 "Quick Minds = Quick Hands"


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